Since the green wave has the Swiss political landscape in the elections by shaken, not a question: Have the Greens claim to a seat in the Federal Council?

The party won together with the green liberal tell-tale 26 the national Council seats. The Greens are new, the fourth-strongest force in the large chamber before the CVP. Green-President Regula Rytz, therefore, called for a new magic formula. The old one that speaks to the three largest parties two seats and the fourth largest party with a seat in the Federal Council, have had its day.

Leuenberger: “This must be corrected”

Now, those who log in for the first time to know the body best, former Federal councillors. For Moritz Leuenberger (73), a long-time SP-the Minister of transport, is the starting position after the elections clearly: “The party-political composition of the Federal Council and the Parliament do not coincide,” said Leuenberger to VIEW. “That must be soon corrected as possible.”

However, he restricts, to disturb a dismissal is always the delicate balance within the Federal Council: Because that’s not only a party, but also a certain language or region, or gender will be voted out. The adaptation of the panel’s achievements are therefore usually not “subito”, but only with a certain delay, Leuenberger. And adds, in reference to the green Federal Council: “But hopefully we don’t have to wait too long!”

Leuthard: “I still Have found to never opt out for good,”

extremely Similar to the former CVP-Magistratin Doris Leuthard (56): “This discussion is a clear lead to,” the Sensitivity. However, Leuthard emphasised that Switzerland had so far, benefiting from a stable government. “I have been voted out of office for good.” To unjustified the seat could still be held forever. “At the latest after four years or at the end of the next legislature you have to be able to correct,” said Leuthard.

is most At risk – as of today – the FDP-the seat of the Federal Council, Ignazio Cassis (58). Because the liberals have in the national Assembly only one seat more than the Greens, with Cassis and Karin Keller-Sutter (55); two members of the government. And Keller-Sutter is in contrast to Cassis, not for months in the criticism.

Even Couchepin, a new formula will come

Even for FDP-Doyen and former Federal councillor Pascal Couchepin (77) is clear: the distribution of The seats on the Federal Council is not carved in stone. “The magic formula will change in the future,” said Couchepin for the Swiss-French newspaper “Le Temps”.

However, the liberal does not believe that Switzerland will already have in the next four years, a green Federal Council. “In this country, we will usually wait for two elections before we can actually make a Change,” said Couchepin.

Ogi wants to proposes nine Federal councilors

A fundamental Change, former Federal councillor Adolf Ogi (77). “We should now have the strength to jump over our shadow, and an increase in the Federal Council’s nine members are discussing. This so-called government reform had ultimately been during his time in the Federal Council, subject, however, no chance.

Even now, it wasn’t from today to tomorrow, but in the next four to eight years. “A nine-member Federal Council, in combination with a three-year Federal Bureau would ensure that Switzerland remains internationally competitive,” says Ogi. And: “of Course, a bigger Board would also provide space for a Green councillor.”