With the “anger of despair” was the title of the “Sunday view” an article on the new election campaign of the SVP. The image shows a red Apple that is infested with maggots. The Apple is clearly visible on the Swiss cross, symbolizing the country. The maggots – also marked with different colours, for the EU, the FDP, the CVP, the Greens and the green liberals and the SP. “To destroy the Left and the Nice Switzerland?”, is below, followed by the invocation: “Dear SVP choose!”

The “Evil” comes this time from the inside

With this Plot, the largest Swiss party wants to pull in the election campaign. A further SVP-provocation, as you know them already? Only half. Because the Evil against which the SVP is fighting, not this Time it comes from the Stranger.

It’s not about criminal Kosovars, burqa-supporting Islamists, armies of cheap labour, the overrun Switzerland. No, this Time the attack of the SVP against Miteidgenossen, those “Froue and man”, with which the SVP politicized at all levels of Government is addressed. This is the party accused, to destroy the country from the inside.

The SVP is in need of an enemy image

this new target comes as no Surprise – the explanation is very simple. First, the SVP has noticed that you can make in 2019 at the middle of voters is hardly a trick. So she focuses on how to mobilize the right-hand edge of their sympathizers, in order not to lose too many votes. Secondly, simply the enemy from the outside is missing currently: There are hardly any applications for asylum, immigration and the debate on the European policy itself languishes.

With its campaign, the SVP is open, what is your accused since 20 years: you can only fight against someone or something. Without an enemy image you don’t know what to do with herself. And if you find the enemy exactly where you are looking, otherwise, more fixes.

list of partners call for a Declaration of

In the three German-speaking Swiss cantons, the campaign is particularly bad: In the Canton of Thurgau, Basel land and Aargau SVP list is entered into connections with the FDP. Now you have disparaged this Partner as a destructive worm that eats away at Switzerland.

“The poster is underground”, pale about the Aargauer FDP-Chef Lukas Pfisterer (46). List of compounds to be primarily a mathematical issue. “Nevertheless, I’m going to look for the conversation with the SVP of Aargau. I would like to know what it says to the Subject, there she is received with a list of connection.”

Also, the Thurgauer FDP-President David H. Bon (52), the Subject of “extremely annoying”. In the Canton of Thurgau, you will experience the SVP is different: down-to-earth and decent. Don’t want to comment on the poster. “The voters can form an opinion. Especially in the Canton of Thurgau, where the Apple has a very large value.”

“partners are denigrated”

The conversation with the SVP also in the Basel FDP-Boss Saskia Schenker (39) has been looking for. And is calmed down since then. “The party leadership of the SVP Basel-land has assured me that she herself is not fond of this campaign.”

This is true, as SVP cantonal President Dominik Straumann (43) confirmed. “Our really good cooperation with the civil partners in the Canton of made it easier of course, if this be so vilified,” he says, slightly contrite. Also, the base was divided on the issue, you’ve already passed this on to SVP-chief Albert Rösti (52). “I’m skeptical that the SVP Basel-country will be hanging these posters.”

In the SVP there are rumblings

Straumann is the only SVPler, the exercise of criticism. In almost all corners of the country party to muck members. About Pascal Messerli (29), President of the SVP group in the Basel Grand Council. “I’m going to have in the Great Council, always a hard and sharp debate, however, that from my point of view too far,” he wrote Monday on Twitter. “Our political opponents, we should not man fight it!”

Even in the Federal house group man shakes his head. What they represented pictorially, to be Left or Nice, but creeping things, criticized the Zurich SVP national councillor Claudio Zanetti (52). “What do you expect from this unspeakable image language? Who’s going to take a seriously yet?”

the party leadership does not want to take the poster yet, as chief Albert Rösti (52) said yesterday. Also, election campaign Manager, Adrian Amstutz (65) does not find the Plot horrific. He says rather, “Terrible is the Concealment of all the other parties before the elections is that you have to pay after the elections, the EU cohesion billion, and the UN-migration Pact under want to write.”

The provocation belongs to the SVP as the Schmutzli to Santa Claus. Their posters always make the headlines – even internationally. For the advertisement with the Text “Kosovans slitting Swiss” were sentenced to two SVP-employees in 2017 by the Federal court because of racial discrimination.

With the maggots-picture of the largest Swiss party embarks again into dangerous driving water: In the national socialism the Made was used clearly for anti-Semitic Propaganda, such as the political scientist Hajo Funke (74) says.


To VIEW spark points to a place in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, where it means: “Was there a debris, a shamelessness in any Form, especially of the cultural life, in which not at least one Jew involved would have been? So how to bead careful in such welded into the cut, it was Made in a lazy body, often blinded by the sudden light, a Jüdlein.”

For spark – one of the most highly regarded anti-Semitism researchers in Germany – is this denunciation of the SVP with a picture from the animal world “, in fact, disgusting”.

SVP argues Nazi comparison ab

In Nazi Propaganda you will always find pictures of Jews, who are represented as Made. Also that of the as Made shown the Jews in the Apple.

In the case of the SVP you want to know nothing of it. Group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) says he don’t know that a similar Motif was used by the national socialists. Campaign Manager Adrian Amstutz (65) says: “The Nazi comparison can only make someone who has slept in history class.” The SVP wool to save the system of direct democracy, the Nazis would have done exactly the opposite. “By the way, also the parties of the left animal subjects use, such as, for example, if you are talking about the so-called locusts-capitalists.”

Also, the SVP are foreign animal subjects does not, we think, for example, the black sheep of the Ausschaffungs campaign. In 2004, the SVP showed the “Left” on a voting poster as a red rat.

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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