The provocation belongs to the SVP as the Schmutzli to Santa Claus. Their posters always make the headlines – even internationally. For the advertisement with the Text “Kosovans slitting Swiss” were sentenced to two SVP-employee by the Federal court because of racial discrimination.

In the case of the Nazis, an anti-Semitic Symbol

With the maggots-picture of the largest Swiss party embarks again into dangerous driving water: In the national socialism the Made was used clearly for anti-Semitic Propaganda, such as the political scientist Hajo Funke (74) says.

To VIEW spark points to a place in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, where it means: “Was there a debris, a shamelessness in any Form, especially of the cultural life, in which not at least one Jew involved would have been? So how to bead careful in such welded into the cut, it was Made in a lazy body, often blinded by the sudden light, a Jüdlein.”

For spark – one of the most highly regarded anti-Semitism researchers in Germany – is this denunciation of the SVP with a picture from the animal world “, in fact, disgusting”.

In Nazi Propaganda you will always find pictures of Jews, who are represented as Made. Also that of the as Made shown the Jews in the Apple.

SVP doesn’t care for the Nazi comparison

In the case of the SVP you want to know nothing of it. Group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) says he don’t know that a similar Motif was used by the national socialists. Campaign Manager Adrian Amstutz (65) says: “The Nazi comparison can only make someone who has slept in history class.” The SVP wool to save the system of direct democracy, the Nazis would have done exactly the opposite. “By the way, also the parties of the left animal subjects use, such as, for example, if you are talking about the so-called locusts-capitalists.”

Also, the SVP are foreign animal subjects does not, we think, for example, the black sheep of the Ausschaffungs campaign. In 2004, the SVP showed the “Left” on a voting poster as a red rat.