Older East Germans had tested “the storm, which relates to the exception situations,” said Haseloff in an Interview with the newspaper “die Welt” (Online: Tuesday/Print: Wednesday). In addition, the ability to improvise in the East is more pronounced than in the West. “And the experience that you can get through hard phases. We have experienced many highs and lows. And a lot of crises.“ According to Haseloff, there are in the East, fewer breaches of contact constraints than in the West. “With very few exceptions, the discipline is high,” the, in Saxony-Anhalt-born head of government. Government authority will be accepted on the territory of the former GDR, apparently, stronger than in the old Federal Republic, where the rights of the Individual, and with good reason always kept high and also strong lived had been. “But at the Moment, the restrictions on freedom serve to the saving of human life. This collective message is arrived in the East, because it is reasonable to understand.“