she is a successful businesswoman, a politician and likes to be close to the people. SVP national councillor, Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (50) is located in the middle of the election campaign. Nevertheless, it is from the reformed Church, as the Sunday view revealed. For the reasons for their leaving makes no secret of the fact. On the contrary: “Because of the Church, because of the taxes,” she admits openly. “I paid more and more, and the parish always said, you would have spent anyway.” In addition, they had not been satisfied with how the municipality was conducted.

Religious she wants to be but still. This also fits in to the history of the family. After all, your Grand-father Wolfram Blocher was once the village priest in to Run ZH. So far, the SVP paid national councillor from their Church taxes in your place of residence, the municipality of Meilen on lake Zurich. The Evangelical-reformed Church benefited to the municipality from the money.

, The village pastor: “Many come from impersonal!”

Daniel Eschmann (57) is a long-standing Protestant village pastor in miles. To may “to individuals I do not give any information,” he says to VIEW. In General, he regrets, but every member of the community, the falls. “Outlets are always painful. Many do this with a printed Internet form, without speaking to the Church.” It would be of interest to the personal reasons.

Often, the Church taxes are the members of a thorn in the eye. Just if you do not regularly attend Church services. In this case, the money is very regional – in the own municipality of residence to use. Pastor Eschmann explains: “With the money the wages are paid. The three parish people, youth and family workers and social deacons, the care of older people.”

He warns that Without the Church tax, there would be no pastoral care, no Church services, weddings, Baptisms or Abdankungen. Especially for seniors and residents of retirement homes this is important. “To do this, devotionals, personal visits, the accompaniment of family members in the event of death, or the support of people who have trouble to find a job.”

CVP-President Pfister: “you have not understood the meaning of the tax”

The Pastor brings it to the point when he says: “The tax is a contribution to the cohesion of society.” This is exactly the case of Martullo-Blochler according to the CVP-President Gerhard Pfister (56) not arrived: “The churches need money, the control, to be able to solidarity exercise. When the rich pay the end of people, no Church tax, the lack of this money to the Weak.” If Martullo the Church tax is too high, you have not understood the meaning of the solidarity.

Nearly two-thirds of the Swiss are Roman Catholic or Evangelical reformed. The proportion of the Reformed in the total population has halved between 1950 56.3 percent, and in 2014, with 25.5 percent.

Strong is the proportion of the denomination has increased: Nearly a quarter of the Swiss population belongs to any religious community. And also the Catholics lose their children: Long you could keep using the immigrants from Italy and Portugal, the number of their members. But even there, more and more Exodus. In the Canton of Zurich, around 2500 people were, for example, in the year 2000. In 2017, there were more than twice as many. As a result, around 37 per cent in 2017, the Swiss part of the Roman Catholic Church.