Still, Naples is holding its breath. The small Noemi (3), which was shot on Friday afternoon against 17 o’clock in the middle of the city of a Mafia Killer by Mistake, is not yet over the mountain. The child attached to tubes. It is in a coma, on a respirator.

Indeed, would have been a strong bleeding after the Emergency SURGERY, which was performed in the night on Saturday. There have been no new transfusions, says the chief doctor of the pedriatischen surgery at children’s hospital Santobono. The wounds would heal fine. The heart beating stable.

Nevertheless, the surgeon major to Worry about your little patient. Mr Massimo Cardone, chief doctor of the Intensive care unit, explained to the Italian press: “Noemis Situation is still critical and the prognosis is uncertain.”

“never such a violation is”

The Doctors explain how the girl suffered in the middle of the sidewalk, the devastating injury. The 9-mm full metal jacket bullet from the gun of a Mafia Killers have penetrated the right shoulder of the child. They smashed parts of the ribcage, pierced both lungs, pass the main artery and the heart. Finally, they remained between two of the Ribs are stuck. “We have never before seen such a complex, extensive injury,” says Giovanni Gaglione at a media conference. “It is a real war wound”.

It had managed to stop the bleeding. Small bone fragments could not be removed from the lungs. It is a highly dangerous infection threatens, the surgeon. Desperate, the Doctors are trying a targeted therapy with antibiotics, in order to get a possible inflammation in the handle.

interior Minister Matteo Salvini visited the hospital

Four days after the assassination, not only Noemi were seriously injured, but also the actual target of the Killers, the Mafia’s rival Salvatore Nurcaro (31), visited the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini (46) in the hospital. The Lega politicians had been criticised by Naples mayor Luigi De Magistris (51) sharp, because he finished his campaign Tour through Italy, before he traveled to Naples.

While Salvini in the hospital, the family, gather in front of the gate, the mothers of the district. There are three dozen – and it is becoming increasingly more. Keep burning candles in Hand, drops the iron gate of the children’s hospital with multi-colored balloons. And you pray. Your message to Noemi: “We will fight with You!”