This is the President, wrote on Saturday on Twitter. “Venezuela is free and independent.” 27. April 2017 initiated by Maduro’s government to withdraw from the OAS. The process will take around two years. The socialist government is holding the States to the Federal government for an Instrument of the United States, in order to secure their influence in the Region.

The government loyal diplomats at the OAS returned to Caracas. However, Maduro’s government is recognized by many States in the Region. The self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó wants to stay in the OAS and has already appointed an Ambassador.

Guaidó vowed on Saturday (local time), the so-called Committee for assistance and freedom to the struggle against the government. In these groups the opposition to organize supporters in their neighborhoods, and Operated. Guaidó wants to bring his “Operation freedom” movement in the since January ongoing power struggle in Venezuela. For the 1. May, he has called for a large demonstration to increase pressure and to push Maduro from office.