President Nicolas Maduro said that the purpose of attempt sea invasion to Venezuela was killing him.

"the Third was held on may attempt sea invasion of mercenaries and terrorists training in Columbia, with funding and support from the governments of the US and Colombia… I Have all the evidence, testimony, video that the group was prepared in Colombia," said Maduro at a summit of non-aligned Movement in the contact group.

His statement was broadcast on Twitter.

"we Have evidence and the testimony of the official of the United States… who yesterday showed the contract signed by the opposition in Venezuela to prepare a squad of mercenaries and terrorists to attack on Venezuela and attempts to kill me. The Central goal was to kill the President of Venezuela. This is a terrorist attack during a pandemic," he added.

On Sunday, the interior Minister of Venezuela, Nestor Reverol said that prevented the marine incursion of Colombian rebels from the state of La Guaira in the North of the country. According to him, the militants tried to invade the country on speedboats. The Chairman of the National constitutional Assembly of Venezuela Diosdado Cabello said that the eight attackers killed, two are detained. He also said that one of the detainees, the Management agent for the U.S. drug enforcement.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Colombia has rejected Venezuela’s accusations of involvement in the attempted sea invasion.