Mads Langer held a hjemmekoncert Saturday evening instead of it, he should have held in Næstved, denmark, and during the session he came with an announcement that made the reason very clear.

He told he before the concert had received a text message from a friend, which said, that he had lost both his parents to the corona.

“well I will be honest and say, I’m a little bit beside myself. I had the whole day gone and thought that the concert would be very easy in it, and that we should enjoy ourselves, and we must certainly,” says the singer, who continues:

“But just before I was going on here, so, we received a text check on that one of my friends has lost both parents to the coronavirus.”

the Message comes 13 minutes into the singer’s live concert, which can still be seen.

at the same time he started to voice his guitar and make ready for the next song, and after he has told the sad news, so he comes with a call.

“It puts in one way or another things in perspective in relation to that it really is important that we listen for and observe it to be flat,” says him.

The new form of concert is also an ordeal for the singer, he tells.

He admits there are nerves while he moves around in his musikrum in his home and play songs on different instruments.

At a time of the singer’s wife, Julie Lillelund, also check and map greeting, while she gives Langer a bit of cake.

the Concert was very popular, and the singer says at one point that there are 7000 who sits at home and listens with.

At present, there are more than 55,000, which has seen his concert.