the Madonna (60) had not taken during their Live performance of “Like a Prayer” on the ESC stage, a series of tones. In addition, your voice listened to part rather thin, as she appeared with an eye patch and a kind of knight’s costume on the show stairs.

towards the end of the performance she broke the rules with the ESC that political Statements on the night are prohibited. A dancer had the song “Future” Israel’s flag on the back. He walked Hand-in-Hand with a dancer the stairs, wearing a Palestinian flag on the back. Madonna had occurred outside of the competition.

The European broadcasting Union, which organises the ESC international, made it clear to the political flags-Statement from Madonna: “This Element of the Show was not part of the samples, which had been approved by the EBU and the Israeli host. The ESC is apolitical and that it had made Madonna also clear in advance.”

criticism is practiced, the broadcasting Union, also in the behaviour of the Icelanders. The Icelandic ESC Band Hatari took advantage of the competition for a Pro-Palestinian message. The anti-capitalist Band, held During the awarding of points, the tape was unrolled a Banner with a Palestinian flag in the television cameras, prompting Boos in the audience.