you! carbon saturated (approximately 787 million Euro), a world career (7 Grammys, 2 Golden Globes) –
and no desire to fold

Madonna (61) holds not only with young guys, but also with some of the tapered engagement fresh: collagen injections for plumper lips, tightening of the eye area, Botox.

NOW the Queen of Pop is shot far over the Immaculately-level. On the Internet it shows up in the bathtub – her face? Unnaturally wrinkle-free!

The singer (“Madame X”), philosophizes about Corona: “Covid-19 doesn’t care how rich, how funny, how clever you are, where you live or how old you are.”

IT is Now Yes, how old is, seems to be for Madonna to be a larger issue.

▶︎ The plastic surgeon, Dr. Volker Rippmann (48, “Metropolitan Aesthetics”) to the IMAGE: “In Madonna’s face you can see, over the years, a permanent increase in volume. I’m guessing you worked at the beginning with autologous fat and hyaluronic acid.“

Beauty-specialist explained, as it should be: “In nature, the volume in the course of years by a General lack of under skin fat tissue and the formation of wrinkles.”