Bounce back. Regain the initiative. Emmanuel Macron hoped to proceed with the government reshuffle Monday, October 15, but the flooding that occurred in the Aude in the night of Sunday could cause the postponement of the ads provided. Monday morning, the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, announced that he was going to place in the afternoon. In any event, the new executive team should be complete for the council of ministers scheduled for Wednesday.

Since this summer, Emmanuel Macron is looking to get out of this bad situation which has plunged the case of Benalla, at the end of July, and that the resignations of successive Nicolas Hulot, at the end of August, and Gérard Collomb, on 3 October, have been extended. Nothing is fact, neither the plan of the fight against poverty, neither health plan, nor his attempt in the west Indies appear more close to the French. Each time that the president of the Republic had hoped to have found the parade to boost its five-year term, he was confronted with new difficulties, sometimes of his own, by the way. At the Elysee, it is hoped that the redesign will finally put an end to this wrong sequence, and find a second wind.

“Vivier tightened,”

It took nearly fifteen days to the Elysée and Matignon to form a new government. Never reshuffle has taken so long under the Fifth Republic. Until the end, Emmanuel Macron hesitated, revised its copy, evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of the different scenarios. With a specification sometimes paradoxical. On the one hand, the head of State, wants to maintain the subtle balance that it is trying to achieve among its allies, the MoDem, the right and the left, the political world and civil society, men and women. On the other hand, he does not angry the right the so-called ” constructive “, just months before the european elections, which could give the opportunity for an alliance between The Republic running (LRM) and…