With his Hit “Thrift Shop” jumps Macklemore (36) on Saturday evening at the Zurich Open Air on the stage. Already with the first tones, he starts the audience on his side, a huge Party. Amazingly, for the whole day the US Rapper with his two small children, Colette (1) and Sloane (4) and his wife Tricia Davis at the airport in Seattle, spent. His flight Delayed, then cancelled. Transfer Stress absolutely no mood for a party.

With tired eyes and coffee mugs in Hand, Macklemore in Zurich to VIEW says: “I’m broken, tired. But I’m here and that’s good.” No time for relaxation in the city, who is, as he says, to one of his favourite cities.

Nevertheless, Macklemore, the citizen is called Lich Ben Haggerty begins to joke on about his Diva Moment on the trip. “I was so tired and all I wanted was my First-Class seat where I could lie. But then you couldn’t be in the seat at all. I have to admit, since I was the Diva.”

“Shadow” processed Macklemore his addiction disease

so Far, Macklemore has no Rap-Star-prejudice – the Superstar acts like a normal dad. What you have as a Rapper well after such a stressful day so not in the mood for? To start with the Song you can find the most annoying? In his case: “Thrift Shop”. “I have the Song simply extremely often performed.” His songs he sees his children, and Macklemore loves you all. And that’s exactly why, he says, it starts with the Song.

a Lot of profound, his new Song “Shadow”, in it, he talks about drugs, but not in any Form of glorifying. “It is a Song in which I speak about the shadow side of my life. I tell my story, it’s probably the addiction disease and how I’m fighting you.” At the Start of his career, fled Macklemore in a world full of alcohol and drugs, was dependent. He realized that he had a Problem, got sober, relapsed and sobered up again.

Rapper between family and career

On the question, what is the Best, he was this year’s experience, responds to Macklemore: “to Continue to be dry again.” The Rap Star seems to be at peace with itself, radiates peace, and says: “And of course my children will grow up to see and my youngest daughter Colette to get to, but to also strengthen my relationship with my wife.”

on Friday, the day before his concert in Zurich, taught the Rapper, is when it comes to his kids, quite soft, his oldest daughter, Sloane Cycling. A day later, on Saturday, celebrating it with about 25’000 people at the Zurich Open Air. Full Of Energy. “I try to be the same in both Situation, the best Version of myself. In the case of my family – and on the stage.”

His rule for Work-Life Balance is quite simple: “When I’m with my children, then I want to be fully there and not to work to take care of. If I work, then I want to be there, fully there.” And Macklemore at the Zurich Open Air, the Area almost two hours to the quake. Full since, despite travel hardships, recently Diva Moment, and fatigue. Later, it then goes back to his family, to Toblerone to eat with his children, reveals Macklemore – perhaps the most likeable Rapper-daddy of all time.