Only the full observance of the principles enshrined in the UN Charter, says the foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei, can ensure the peaceful coexistence of States, Nations and peoples. The Minister said at the event in the Belarusian capital on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Charter of this international organization, stressing that the preservation of its principles, “is of exceptional importance for Belarus.”

foreign Minister called this the most important document of the United Nations a kind of book of good advice, which includes recipes for all occasions, “instructions that should guide the modern diplomat, statesman in building foreign policy.”

the Head of the foreign Ministry of Belarus has expressed the wish that the fundamental principles enshrined in the Charter, was constantly in demand around the world, “had practical value and was the cornerstone of international cooperation”.

Only through their complete and faithful implementation, said Mackay, it is possible to “ensure the peaceful coexistence of States, Nations and peoples, the achievement of economic and social progress and sustainable development”.

Noting that his country had paid a terrible price for the lessons that are reflected in the Charter document of the United Nations, the Minister stated with regret: the modern world has not yet become the way it is imagined by the participants of the UN Conference in San Francisco.

Sometimes, in his opinion, “even appears that the lessons of the Second world war forgotten, and its results were subjected to audit, as well as forgotten the reasons and the goals of the UN, the main provisions of the Charter of the organization.” That’s why, says the head of the foreign Ministry, it is the most opportune time to think about important things are so simple: peace, security, trust, cooperation. On them is based the UN Charter, all States are required to meet the expectations and aspirations of its founders.

“Only the collective will, commitment and solidarity with each other will help to build a just, safe and sustainable world and achieve universal prosperity”, concluded Mackay.

One of the important elements of the ceremony, according to news sources, was the presentation of the UN Charter in the Belarusian language, with an emphasis on the fact that this is the first in the history of the country edition of the founding document of the United Nations in the national language.

the ceremony was attended by the UN resident coordinator in Belarus, John the cauldron-Vyshnevetsky, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Belarus, representatives of the academic and cultural circles.