MAC: Boeing 747 crashed in Bishkek in 2017 due to pilot error

“the Cause of the crash was the lack of control by the crew with the position of the aircraft relative to the glide path when performing an automatic landing at night… and, as a consequence, failure to take timely action on the missed approach in case of significant deviations from the established approach procedure, which resulted in the collision with the ground in controlled flight,” – said in the document.

Zarif reiterated the decoding of “black boxes” Boeing in Iran

Experts the POPPY have come to conclusion that the crew is not well studied scheme of the approach to the airport of Manas and choose the best rate. On the actions of the crew was affected by fatigue from the long flight and the dark. “Additionally, stress levels can increase due to an emotional discussion by the members of the crew of the indications and actions of specialists of service of air traffic control”, – stated in the report.

Boeing 747 freighters, whose owner was a Turkish company ACT Airlines, 16 January 2017 fell to a holiday village near the Kyrgyz airport Manas. The plane carried out flight Hong Kong-Bishkek-Istanbul. The crash killed four crew members and 35 local residents, injured dozens. The disaster was destroyed 26 houses.