oops, something goes for the Federer family! While Roger rises in Madrid, in the Mission of the sandy storm, is committed to mother, Lynette, in Switzerland, for a fresh movement between the generations.

“Hey-la” means the national project and it is to the Old and the Young help on the basis of modern play equipment to a animated activity in everyday life. “The offer of this Initiative, I think is tremendous,” says Lynette Federer and tells of the many little adventures that the children with their parents and grandparents in the gym or in the Hopp-la-experience Parks.

“I think it’s a great idea that can now also integrate the seniors and not just on a Shelving sitting to watch,” said Rogers mother. As a grandma of six grandchildren, the 67-Year-old new to the Board of Trustees of Hopp-la and stirred officially as the “grandmother of the Nation” the advertising drum.

“A godsend,” says the founder of Martin Bisang. The famous Banker promotes as Board President of the conductors currently, the training of three dozen rates. “We need to fight, that children are getting fatter and the older man on the Sofa, stick,” says Bisang and is pleased with the prominent support from the house of Federer. “Lynette makes the with a full heart,” says the 59-year-old Basel.

As a young mother, Lynette, for your children from lack of playgrounds in your area was looking for to attractive Alternatives. “For Roger, I would have liked a Hopp-la Park. Went to our time, but then just in the woods or played Squash and table tennis.”