Lviv city hall refused to return the ashes of the Soviet intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov

the Municipality of Lviv refused to return the ashes of the Soviet intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov for reburial. The grave of a hero in Lviv repeatedly desecrated, and relatives wanted to take him home in Sverdlovsk oblast. But the remains of the Ukrainian authorities do not want to give; that they require in return?

the mayor of Lviv city Council has passed on an emotional note: he waved the folder, screaming about a Russian aggression and clapped a palm on the table.

the Theme that so impressed the mayor, for the famous Soviet intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov. Relatives of Hero of the Soviet Union has asked the Ukrainian side to exhume the remains of the scout, buried in Lviv, and transfer them to his small home in the Sverdlovsk region, but the mayor has put forward a frankly ridiculous demands.

“This is a serious question. Because while our children are in captivity, we have no moral right to consider it. When the Russian Federation will return us our children, then we are going to discuss this question”, — said the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy.

what the prisoners in question, a Ukrainian official did not elaborate, but continued to vent their bellicose thoughts on the audience, totally forgetting about the real situation.

“Ukraine is not at war with Russia, — said political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council for interethnic relations under the RF President. — If there is a war, declare of Russia, but, of course, in the Ukrainian elite on it nobody will go.”

But to declare war on the mute graves or monuments is not a problem. Even when we are talking about heroes such as Nikolai Kuznetsov. A scout with perfect knowledge of German, in 1942 he infiltrated the circles of the German command in occupied territory of Ukraine. Two years later he was delivered to Moscow information, the value of which cannot be overestimated.

“Kuznetsov said that the Germans are preparing an attack on the Troika, which meets in Tehran in 1943, — says Nikolay Dolgopolov Deputy chief editor of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the historian of the secret services. — Kuznetsov, first revealed Hitler’s bunker “Werwolf”; he destroyed 11 German scoundrels, officials of the highest rank, who tortured the Ukrainian people… the depth and importance of the message I would compare, I was fascinated with Richard Sorge”.

Nikolai died fighting a detachment of the UPA (organization banned in Russia). In one of the villages during a unequal fight, he undermined anti-tank grenade, taking with them eight militants.

His tomb was found only in 60-ies. In recent years, vandals constantly attacking the memorial where he is buried scout. In March of 2019, was even kidnapped by his bronze bas-relief.

“the Lviv mayor to bargain for the ashes of the Soviet spy in exchange for mythical prisoners, which is not there is a sample of the idiocy of power, — said political analyst Fyodor Biryukov. — People prone to hysterics administrative delight, trying to curry favor, to show its necessity in the face of Ukrainian radicals, who are fond of this idiocy.”

it is possible that the wave of vandalism just give rise to such speeches of Ukrainian officials, which are often accompanied by emotional shaking of papers and loud, but meaningless statements.