The “Willi Sauer messenger” reported on Tuesday about the Bonus, the the Church in your last month of publication is known, has made. “We are pleased, if many young Dietl indoor and Dietler our beautiful congregation remain faithful”, it says in the community Info.

if you want the Bonus, must apply to the local Council. Parish President Reto Frank explained to the “Willi Sauer messenger”, that the Bonus recipients would not enter into any further obligations. There is no minimum rental period. The only requirements were that the applicants were under 30 and for the first Time out of the parents house would take off.

municipality sees Bonus as a recognition of

in addition to Frank said the Bonus was not a decoy, but a recognition. The youth is the future, young people would enrich the village life with fresh and bold ideas.

The municipal Council justified the introduction of the Stay Bonus to the increase in the supply of housing in the municipality. In contrast to once the opportunity was now available to find a place to Stay, said Frank.

Newcomers to get nothing

large dietwil is located in the North of Lucerne between Willisau and Langenthal. The number of inhabitants has increased in the last four years, 30 to 865. For Newcomers, a Bonus is according to the municipality President is Frank not an issue.

A Bonus for Newcomers to the Swiss commune offers Albinen in Valais. The measure was decided in 2018 and is already a success.

So a family of four from the Aargau has accepted the offer. You can get as a start-up capital of 25’000 Swiss francs per adult, CHF 10’000 for each child. Thus, the Newcomers are allowed to keep the money of the municipality, you must stay a minimum of ten years in Albinen. (SDA/jfr)