Since the invasion of Ukraine, the family of Russian President Vladimir Putin has become more and more public. Now it comes out: Putin’s daughter was regularly with a Munich plastic surgeon.

Just last week, the “Spiegel” reported that Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova is said to be in a relationship with Igor Selensky, director of the Bavarian State Ballet. Now the “Bild” newspaper reports: Putin’s daughter is said to have been to Munich several times and regularly visited a cosmetic surgeon there. It is unclear when Tikhonova was last at the doc.

According to the newspaper’s report, Tikhonova is said to have received the so-called “vampire lifting” there. Blood is taken from the patient, processed and injected again to combat wrinkles. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian also swear by the therapy. According to “Bild”, the Putin daughter had to pay around 4,000 euros per session.

The process between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is in the final spurt – and it is still about an injury to Depp, which he says his ex-wife inflicted on him. But an expert now says: That can’t be true.

Christoph Wilhelm loses more than 153 kilograms. He managed to lose weight with a drastic and disciplined change in his diet. Because Wilhelm does without any carbohydrates for years.

As shocking as some of the revelations in the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial may be, some of them are also bizarre and unbelievable.