The tingling is your body’s reaction to the touch. The nerves in your body signal the brain that the testicles are touched. The Massage also increased blood circulation and movement in your muscles and ligaments, which can also be felt.

The Experience is in a Moment, but not only from the physical Sense, but also from the emotional Feel and a different intellectual Interpretation, i.e. the Thinking. If you find prohibited from the Whole, for example, hot and, somehow, then you can turn on the in addition to and attract. Feel, Feel, and Think are always strongly linked and influence each other.

yourself to touch as if one touches another Person, is not possible. Because if you touch yourself, get your brains out of two sources of information: on the one hand of the body is touched, on the other hand, from the part of the body that runs the touch. Because of this duality, you can’t tickle yourself, because the element of Surprise is missing.

This in turn means that you can not touch the sensitive spot, and generally the whole body of self-enjoyment or to. The whole experience will just be different, like if someone is running a different touch.

If you like to touch the testicle, then it is worth, this part of the body for self-gratification or to stimulate just the body care. Versatile touches to sharpen your senses and make you more alert for other touches.

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