The dispute between SRG and Swisscom broke out again this week in all sharpness. The Final of the Champions League will not be visible on the SRF, should be surprised at that. The endgame is part of the package of the Champions League – the Premium product of the European football Association Uefa, has secured the Swisscom subsidiary Teleclub. That you do not like to share this TV-piece of filet, you can blame her for that.

But the Match SRG SSR and Swisscom enters a state of near-operating against the other state-related business. And that the consumers look at this strange dispute at the end of the tube, is more than annoying. This is not the Final on the free channel Teleclub Zoom accessible to all, but to the season. For the first time, the best games were only seen on the tele club and the access is quite expensive.

Although the tele-club is a entertainment channel and has to earn his money on the free market. However, the tele-club at the end, a majority of the state – the Federal government holds 51 per cent of Swisscom shares. The threads in this conflict together Detec by Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga.

There needs to be a decision: Either to force Swisscom and the SRG to the cooperation transmission right. Or privatized Swisscom. The expensive bidding war between a fee-funded broadcaster and a state operating to the detriment of the viewers may not happen.