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Today, you are not allowed to photograph night of the blood moon, also the Planet Mars draws its tracks in the immediate vicinity. The longest total solar immersed in darkness in the 21st century. Century, the moon not only in an unusual play of color, our immediate neighbour in the solar system, the earth is so close as only very rarely. The forecasters promise a clear night sky. The best conditions so that the unique spectacle on photos. With the right equipment and a few small tips and Tricks, your recordings from the night sky to be perfect.

blood moon photograph: On the right focal length, it comes to

in Order to photograph the blood moon, enough quite simple means. A camera and a telephoto lens with 200 mm focal length on a tripod is enough to the moon get closer to it. If you are using a camera with a smaller Sensor like APS-C or MFT, "extended focal length", also, the. The APS-C factor of 1.5 (Canon 1.6), and in the case of Micro Four Thirds by a factor of 2. Then the moon is not but long to fill the full frame. This is usually only in the case of a small image equivalent focal length of around 1,000 millimeters in the case. The high resolution of most cameras, however, allows to reduce the size of the image afterwards, and to show the blood moon bigger.

So you see the Eclipse of the moon in the Live stream when and where you do not see the Eclipse of the moon

in Addition, they have to be content with the moon shots, often with a picture, but takes a series of images. These images can be put in the post, one above the other and receives in this way more picture information and a higher resolution. Moreover, as the blurry image parts and the image noise. This process is called “Stacking”, which is one of the most important procedures in the Astro photography.

go's starting at about 21:40 PM when the moon enters into the Umbral shadow of the earth, and it is about one and a half hours later, leaves. The climax is reached at 22:22. At the latest, then you should start the continuous shooting on your camera.

blood moon photography: tripod and self-timer will help against camera shake

If you take a picture of the blood moon, is different than when Shooting the night sky not too long exposure time needed. The brightness of the sky enough to illuminate even if the aperture values beyond f/4 with a relatively short shutter speed of 1/50s to 1/10. So your recordings will, nevertheless, shown nice and sharp, is recommended in addition to the solid tripod for the camera, the use of a Self – or remote shutter release. Already the pressure on the shutter button can move the camera on the tripod in slight vibrations, which are represented as motion blur in the finished recording.

In the FOCUS Online Unknown Trick: With the Two-Finger method, you vacate your iPhone to

your camera Has an electronic shutter, it should also be used because Even the slight vibrations of the mechanical closure can lead to a fine blur in the image. The image stabilizer of the lens or the camera should be disabled, as always, on the tripod. Especially exciting is the blood moon-shots are, if you are installing a foreground. This can be, for example, mountains, trees, or buildings such as Church towers.

recordings with the Smartphone

is a picture of The blood moon with the Smartphone-to-difficult, but not impossible. Due to the relatively short focal length of most Smartphone cameras is the red sky of the body only very small in the image capture. To get better recordings, and is also recommended when Photographing with the Smartphone the use of a tripod. Special bracket mounts, leave the cell phone on a tripod mount. If permitted by the Software, you can choose the exposure time manually and also with values beyond 1/10s wobble-free images.

The digital zoom of the Smartphone camera is closer to the blood moon approaching, deteriorates the quality of the recordings. Slightly better results you ultimately achieve with separate push-on lenses. The picture sharpness and detail of recordings from a system camera, DSLR or DSLM, not this expedient, however, Far from it.

you want more tips on the subject of night fofografie? The complete issue with the title of the topic "astrophotography" are also found in the CHIP-Kiosk for practical Download.

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