“the First time we use the stereo will create a topographical map of the moon with a resolution of 2-3 meters. On the plane it is already there after work American satellites, but we will get through processing of stereo images and analyzing light universal height map of the entire moon with high accuracy” – quoted scientist RIA Novosti.

Photo: REUTERS Japanese billionaire decided not to take woman to the moon

Earlier, high-precision flat maps of individual sections of the lunar surface with a resolution of 0.5 meters per pixel created American machine Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. However, the Russian card will be a number of advantages. So, while the images of the surface will be determined and the height of the terrain that will provide greater reliability.

Specifically for the operation of the stereo camera is selected, the height of the orbit, “moon-26” above the lunar surface – about 60 kilometers. As planned, a full map of the moon will be captured in the first year of flight with the low circular orbit, which requires periodic adjustments. The “Moon-26” will be translated into an elliptical orbit, which over the next 30 years will be sustainable and allow for various studies of the satellite. Just a daily plan to get up to 40 GB of data.

the Launch of “Luna-26” is planned for 2024. And the first of October 2021 to the moon should go first after a 45-year break, the Russian spacecraft “Luna-25”. (The last launch of the domestic apparatus “Luna-24” to the Earth took place in 1976).