A five-digit number, the danes have already lost their jobs in the aftermath of the corona-crisis, and companies across the country to send people home without pay.

And for those who already are pressed, as regards the economy, the consequences can be fatal, assesses the ‘Luksusfælden’expert Kenneth Hansen.

“the Crisis means, unfortunately, that people are being fired, sent home without pay or forced to take a holiday, and thus disappear the income you depend on.”

If, as it is applicable to ‘Luksusfælden’s participants, have loans, as it difficult to pay off, should, according to Kenneth Hansen to do as a pair from the last section of the program.

on Tuesday told Cecilia and Peter, who had just been given the overview of the economy, that the latter had lost his job as a result of the corona-crisis.

But even though it consumes the economy, the pair could tell that they had found a solution to the installment of the loans are: They had seized the bone, contacted the bank and put the payment on hold.

“It is most banks and financial institutions understand the. It is indeed a culpable crisis, and we must all try to get the best possible out of it,” says Kenneth Hansen, who in addition to being an expert in the TV3 programme is co-founder of the Economic Council, which advises private individuals.

another thing One can do is to take advantage of the time, you still will be forced to use at home.

“My advice will be to use the time now to look at private finances. It can prove to be a good hourly wage,” laughs Kenneth Hansen.

He refers to the fact that most banks today offer tools and overview, like the ones you see in the program. And just a glance can give an ‘aha’-feeling.

On the way, you can review its budget and cut it to the bone. And if you are the pressure on the purse, one must think creatively.

Kenneth Hansen recommends that you shop once a week, for example buying dry goods on offer and generally sets in, that you may live extra sparingly the next time.

If you are so pressured, that you have problems with paying something as basic as rent, you can inquire in the house of his landlord, whether a solution can be found.

For everything in the world, one must avoid rapid, easy solutions like payday loans, says Kenneth Hansen.

“unfortunately, I think there are some who resort to the solution, because we are all pressed for time. If you already have the pressure on the economy, is thinking short-term, and that is why people often end up in the type of solutions. But they are rarely good in the long term.”

even Though the financial advisor as a starting point not a big fan of loans, he believes, however, that there is one loan, that can give meaning to resort to these days. SU-loan.

the Government has just established the fact that students can get paid additional money in the SU-loan in the aftermath of the corona-crisis. And Kenneth Hansen, can’t blame them, if there are any, who accept the offer:

“As a student you are rarely a safe economy, and it is often the student who smokes first, when firing under such a crisis.”

the Crisis despite think Kenneth Hansen, however, that the corona-the outbreak and its consequences comes to play a supporting role in the upcoming seasons of ‘Luksusfælden’.

“It’s hard to say how long it lasts. Perhaps two months. But we look always 12 months back (in the participants ‘ consumption, ed.), and should the two months does not make a big difference. But the crisis may prove to be the last drop in the cup.”

He refers to those who have control of the finances in advance, often have a savings for just such times – if you get fired, divorced, or similar.

“Corona-the crisis may be something of the explanation of a bad economy, but not the full. If you had put your coat according to your cloth, you had also taken account of the crisis. But if you were pressed in advance, the crisis is very likely to show up in the program as the decisive factor.”

He urges, therefore, that if you are faced with an economy that is in ruins, acknowledges the problem with the same.

“the Solution always starts with a self. It is a question of whether to recognize the problem and ask for help from those around one. It can be from the people, the bank and also ‘Luksusfælden’.”