It is not only the Kia and Jacobs economy, which is heading toward the abyss. The same applies to their relationship.

And this is in spite of the fact that in Tuesday’s edition of ‘Luksusfælden’ is only a little over a year ago, they said the ultimate yes to each other and the marriage.

“When I look at this picture, I see two happy, happy, in love people. But when I look at you today, looking neither excited or happy out. So if I say that your love is under great pressure, I take not error. Do I do?” asks the expert Jan Swyrtz, while he’s looking at the couple’s wedding picture.

the wedding Itself had Kias parents said yes to pay for. A sweet gesture, but:

“unfortunately, It was not just enough for you. For what did you do? In went out and took loans,” notes Jan Swyrtz.

Kia is defending the decision that it was necessary. For there should also be decorations, rings and brudepigetøj for the daughters.

But the buyer only.

“This wedding has cost you – and cost you still – totally crazy a lot of money.”

One of the kviklånene they took was 10,000 dollars. But in under a year the amount increased to 18.500 dollars, because the pair has breached enables it to comfortably service.

instead of paying off the debt using the pair of approximately 20.000 dollars on food and miscellaneous every month.

And in spite of their income on 49.400 crowns have each month an overuse of 4900 dollars. A overuse, they both are aware, can cost them the relationship.

the experts Can help the couple? They’ll find out in Tuesday’s episode of ‘Luksusfælden’, which can be seen on Viaplay and TV3.