The incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is gaining 82,08% in closed areas in five regions of Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovski of 6.98%, said CEC Chairman of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina on air of TV channel “Belarus-1”. According to her, a few Minsk sites continue to work because of the queues for the first time in the history of the Republic. The final results of the presidential elections, according to the head of the CEC, will be announced on Friday, August 14. “We reported the so-called closed polling stations, but also not in all regions, but only by five,” she said. Elections in Belarus, there were 231 closed plot. These sites are located in sanatoriums, preventoriums, rest homes, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations.Read next 22:00 Ms. Yarmoshyna promised to tell about the first results of the elections. “I hope, till two o’clock in the morning we will be able to conduct the preliminary results of the elections throughout the country,” she said. Lidia Yermoshina called on the losing presidential candidates to calmly accept defeat, congratulate the winner and not care about the masses.According to the exit poll in Belarus, on elections of the President wins the acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko. According to the survey, he scored 79.7% of the votes. Svetlana Tikhanovski — 6.8% of votes. According to 18:00 the turnout was 79%.