President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin to deal with the arrest of 33 Russians. On Friday, August 7, they had a telephone conversation at the initiative of Mr. Putin. According to Mr. Lukashenko, the Russian President sent a letter with facts about the detainees.”Putin agreed the deal on the fighters”,— said Lukashenka to journalists after voting in the presidential elections (quoted by “Interfax”). However, he admitted that this situation “may be, third country provoked”. “I don’t care, this is secondary. Important not to set the fire in the center of Minsk,”— said the President of Belarus.According to him, the Prosecutor General of Russia and Ukraine have not yet arrived in Minsk to study the situation with the Russians. “They don’t care about these guys,” said Mr. Lukashenko (quoted by “Interfax”). Alexander Lukashenko also said that Vladimir Putin sent him a letter outlining the facts about the detained Russians. The letter is now studying the result. The President of Belarus stated that “no Wagner” will not affect relations between Belarus and Russia. “To build the relationship will be fine. You probably dry press service (results of telephone conversation.— “B”) noticed. Yes, I reproached Russia that they went on with brotherly partnership. Clearly stated by the President of Russia: “We will build fraternal relations with you,” said Mr. Lukashenko (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Read more”Russia will always cooperate, always be together,” said Mr. Lukashenko. According to him, during a telephone conversation, Vladimir Putin told him that “we’re in the same boat.” Recall, the Russians were detained in Belarus on July 29. In the Republic claim that they are fighters, “PMC Wagner.” Against the Russians opened a criminal case about preparation of mass riots. Russia has said that the detainees are members of chop and was in Belarus visiting. Among the detainees were involved in the conflict in the Donbass. In Ukraine, 28 of them are accused of terrorism. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky asked Alexander Lukashenko to hand them over to Kiev. To resolve the situation in Belarus plan to invite the Prosecutor General of Russia and Ukraine.Details — in the material “Kommersant” “Destiny “vagnerova” let’s decide together or alone.”