Lukashenko urged not to be mistaken about bananas

Belarusians to the health need to eat right, drink water, breathe fresh air and move more. These recommendations were issued by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on a trip to Gomel region. But to eat properly, warned the head of state, it does not mean that it is necessary to bring bananas, pineapples and caviar overseas.

You are deeply mistaken, appealed to his fellow citizens Lukashenko. There is what is here and produced. And add to that motion, the President continued.

“the officials less traffic, — quotes Alexander Lukashenko RIA Novosti. — So I woke up this morning at six, by seven I had reached the track, she still remained and it was run there. It is a charge for all day.”

in addition, Lukashenko on 14 February 2020 stated that he was tired of every 31 December to become the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on his knees to provide Belarus with cheap Russian oil.

in addition, Minsk is considering the option of oil supplies from the EU to reverse at one of the branches of the Druzhba pipeline and through the ports of Latvia or Lithuania. “Transneft” has declared that the transit of Russian oil through Belarus is carried out smoothly.

the contract for the supply of Russian oil ended 31 December 2019. After the new year oil deliveries to Belarus resumed only controlled by Russian businessman Mikhail Gutseriev, the company “RussNeft” and Neftisa. However, this oil is not enough for Belarusian oil refineries.

Belarus receives oil by 17 percent cheaper than the world. In this case Minsk refuses to pay a premium to oil companies, which in 2019 was $ 10 per ton.

Another Belarusian news: Lukashenko has decided to deploy on the crest of the country’s Land more can be seen at Russia, and Europe.