According to the President of the Republic, the protest organizers tried to push the crowd to storm the Palace of Independence. However, the Riot police managed to contain the demonstrators. “I must say thanks to these guys – the Riot police – they saved the people from the critical step. The situation was not catastrophic, but very dangerous for people who are pushed to the streets,” – said Lukashenko.

“If they reached the Palace of Independence, there is another scenario, where security is, and counterterrorism. Few would have thought”, – said the President.

He drew the attention that the organizers of the riots does not climb ahead. “The bayonets they dropped the boys. You saw who today at night there walked around and tried to provoke the police,” – said the Belarusian leader. According to him, the organizers of the events wanted to “rekindle the fire in the center of Minsk, grab embers and throw around” the city. However, he noted that these protests trail in Poland, the UK and the Czech Republic, there received phone calls with instructions.

Lukashenka promised to give “adequate response” to street protests in the country, which began after the announcement of the provisional results of the presidential elections. “The country is breaking we won’t let. Maidan will not, as if someone wanted to”, he said.

however, he urged parents to monitor their children, then they don’t get in trouble, “that was not then painfully to not gasped, groaned”.