Lukashenko: the Director of sugar factories are ready to ship the manure to not go to jail

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko commented on the situation of the Directors of the sugar factories. According to him, they pleaded guilty and willing to take any job, but would not go to jail.

At the end of January it became known about detention of the leaders of the four sugar factories. They are suspected of creation of corruption schemes, allowing large theft with the implementation of sugar.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that cruelly asks with leaders. According to him, currently the Director of sugar factories asked to be released, they are even willing to go to the farm and to ship the manure. “I say, we already fork the manure do not ship, so sit” — the words Lukashenko

the Belarusian President said that the arrested leaders confessed to the theft and is ready to give everything, just not behind bars. “And who put you in jail? You put himself”, — said the Belarusian head.

Earlier, Lukashenko confirmed the information about the arrested Belarusian Directors. According to him, leaders set up in Moscow, “strip”, where they put their. They were sold at bargain prices to the trade house of the Belarusian sugar, and the ones increasing the price, sell in the market, giving the difference in bribes to Directors of factories.

those Arrested are the leaders of the Skidel sugar refinery Dmitry Egorov, Gorodeya Mikhail krishtapovich, Slutsk sugar Nikolai Prudnik and Zhabinka Victor Mironov. Also, according to the Belarusian KGB to the corruption scheme had a former Deputy chief of head Department on fight against organized crime and corruption Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus Vladimir tikhinya.

the KGB opened a criminal case under the following: receiving a bribe in especially large size and bribery in the large size. The arrested face up to fifteen years imprisonment.