President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko two months has spoiled relations with Russia: he has taken daring steps and the seizure of Russian property (in the form of the Bank), and in part the provocation with the detention of Russians. This was announced on 3 July, the political analyst Dmitri Bolkunets in an interview with

“I believe that if Alexander Lukashenko do not want to spoil relations with Russia, needs to speak publicly on radio and television to apologize for the story and to appoint some kind of Commission to investigate these provocations or misunderstandings,” said Bolkunets.

9 August in Belarus will hold elections, which will be attended by five candidates, including incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko.

To participate in the elections was not allowed the two candidates: ex-head of “Belgazprombank” Victor Babariko and former head of the high-tech Park Valery Tsepkalo. Tsepkalo left Belarus and now is in Ukraine, Babariko arrested. He is accused of “acceptance of official values as part of an organized group.” Also arrested the husband of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, which the media referred to as the main rival of Lukashenka.