President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a private performance in front of asset of the Minsk region warned that the country may lose part of its territory and return to the borders of 1921. Fragments of the meeting was shown on TV channel “Belarus 1”.

“let us Not return to what we left. (…) I think now the guys will bring — 1921-th year, the Treaty of Riga (on screen map appears with the "Megi Belarus — 1921-1946" — approx. “Of the”). See, that’s the pink stripes. It is our national minorities 21 years fought for independent Belarus. Here is what we have left in the 21st year. Everything else was traded and given: the West Poland, there is something in the East was Russia,” — said the Belarusian leader about the threat of disintegration of the country.

He recalled that in 1939, the border of the Byelorussian SSR took place not far from Minsk. According to Lukashenko, if the fall of that year the Red Army annexed Western Belorussia, which was part of Poland, the boundaries of the state now would be completely different.

“I don’t want it now. So, you think. You think the country in which we live. And today the time has chosen us — to solve this problem. Can, want? Get up close. Can’t? Go to the side. Don’t bother,” — said the President.

In Belarus on 9 August presidential election. Lukashenko, who intends to run for a sixth term, said that the country wants to organize a revolution. On 25 June he complained of foreign interference in the election campaign. According to him, the Russian Telegram-channels distribute a “terrible fake” to discredit the Belarusian authorities. He promised to discuss the situation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.