President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko remains the possibility of voluntary resignation of the head of state, writes a correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” in Minsk Irina Khalip in his article published on the newspaper’s website.

“All hopes of the security forces, probably. But they can not stand the nerves,” — says the journalist.

She recalled the words of Lukashenka about the participation of Emomali Rakhmonov, President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, in the events of the civil war in the Republic in the first half of the 1990s. “Only the memory of his mother’s maiden short. About Rahmon remembers, but about [Nicolae] Ceausescu somehow forgot,” concluded Khalip.

Belarus is now a presidential race, the presidential election scheduled for 9 August. The majority of Lukashenka’s opponents announced plans to run for a sixth term, were detained, among them the most popular candidates — banker Victor Babariko and blogger Sergei tikhanovski. In Minsk and other big Belarusian cities held peaceful protests, accompanied by the arrests of demonstrators.

According to analysts, the re-election of Lukashenko is supported by only 3.8 percent active Belarusian users of the network, that is 263 thousand people. 62.6 per cent (or 4.3 million people) believe that a politician, has served as President since 1994, should leave power. According to Belarusian experts, the level of trust Lukashenko in Minsk residents is 24 per cent.

Nicolae Ceausescu was the first President of socialist Romania, was the de facto leader of the Romanian state since the mid 1960-ies. The reign of Ceausescu, during which he praised as the “father of the homeland”, ended in a coup, during which he was captured by soldiers and executed along with his wife by sentence of the military Tribunal. Judges accused Ceausescu of involvement in the deaths of more than 60 thousand Romanians and misappropriation of property totaling over one billion dollars.