The incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has rejected the possibility of holding a repeat presidential election. In this case, he said, the country will perish as a nation. Mr. Lukashenko spoke at a rally in his support in Minsk.”Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and, unfortunately, our native Ukraine and its leadership ordered us to organise new elections,”— said the President of Belarus. “If only we go on about them, we’ll crack into a tailspin and never stabilize the airship. We will perish as a nation, as a people, as a nation,”— said Alexander Lukashenko (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).He also commented on the opposition’s calls to resign. “They shout at me — “Go away!” No question! No question, no question! But to kill and tear they will be us and our children! Remember this,”— said the President of the Republic. Read deletepanel, in Belarus after the presidential elections, which, according to CEC, has won Mr Lukashenko, began mass protests, followed by arrests and use of force. Officially known one of the victims.The protests follow the online broadcast “Kommersant”.