Lukashenko proposed to resume the educational process in schools

Despite the fact that the who remains concerned about the situation with coronavirus in several European countries, including Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said April 17, his press service, says the need to start the learning process in schools from next week. He stated this on Friday during a working visit to Lida district, Grodno region.

“we Have to be careful to watch for people”, – said the President, referring to the problems with education, made it clear that it is necessary “to begin to learn. But slowly, calmly,” he added. In the village, he said, “no problem – ARVI is over. Well, it is necessary to understand that we feed kids, and all the sowing, what to do with children? “, – explained his attitude to the problem of the head of state.

Therefore, he insists, “where can I do – let them do” and said that in the city, though, the week after Easter it might take to slow the retraction of children in the educational process. But “we should gradually start to learn, unwinding this process,” – concluded Lukashenko.