Lukashenko joked about one hundred grams and Zhirinovsky

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday, March 19, held a meeting on the epidemiological situation in the country. During his speech the head of state recalled its advice on how to prevent infection with coronavirus, and told the anecdote about the head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Lukashenko Earlier gave tips on prevention COVID-19. According to him, to protect not only need to wash their hands often, but to go to the bath, and to drink a day to 40-50 grams of vodka in terms of pure alcohol, in order to “poison the virus.”

and Now Lukashenka has decided to make a joke about Zhirinovsky, who criticized the Belarusian leader for the kind of recommendations of prevention. Alexander Lukashenko told the story according to which after complaining about his tips Vladimir Zhirinovsky came home and asked his wife to pour a hundred grams, because it will treat the coronavirus. This wife of the politician said that he only criticized the Belarusian President. Zhirinovsky, in turn, said: “It’s all I say, and I pour. Lukashenka is not a fool says.” After that, the wife of Russian politician said that in Russian one hundred grams of drink after a bath. This Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that he would drink “in Hebrew”: a hundred grams to the bath and after one hundred grams.

Alexander Lukashenko told the joke apologized to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, since they could not permit themselves to tell “this story”, BelTA reports.

Belarusian President during the meeting also said that the worst epidemic is panic.

Earlier, Russia announced the closure of the border with Belarus, which in turn did not like Lukashenko. Alexander Lukashenko admitted that such a decision was unexpected for him.