the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko went to the Brest, to communicate with the opponents of the construction of a battery factory in the city. But the main topic was the upcoming election of the President. For starters, Lukashenka promised that “crazy fraud” in the presidential election will be. And then shared his resentment: it is very frustrating compared to insects and allegations that it supports only 3% of Belarusians.

“I never called”, – somehow, even childishly tried to reassure his voters Lukashenko. The President urged political opponents to think better of it, since he never will stop at nothing to “protect the country”. The President of Belarus are insulted lettering on the jerseys of the opposition “Sasha 3%” (referring to the present, according to the opposition, Lukashenka’s rating in the country” and its comparison with “a mustached cockroach”.

as for the “no call” – Lukashenko is hot. Belarusians remember how he spoke of his opponents in the election. For example, Tsepkalo he called a “boar, which can appear only stillborn piglets”, Babariko asked how he connected with the company “Privatizing” and how to understand this name, Tikhanovski the President of the Republic called “mangy” and his wife and children received threats to cease opposition activities, otherwise everything will be bad.

the Current presidential campaign has become the dirtiest in the history of Belarus and at the same time the most unpredictable. President of Belarus has sent to jail a few people, making it difficult for him to be re-elected for the sixth time. Sitting in jail the presidential candidate Victor Babariko that a number of opinion polls enjoys the support of more than 50% of the population of the Republic, and Sergei Tikhanovski one of the most famous bloggers in Belarus who tried to become a candidate, but he was not allowed. Another presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo does not exclude that soon, too, may go to jail.

Even supporters of Alexander Lukashenko does not conceal the interest in alternative candidates for the law enforcement agencies woke up thanks to the election campaign. Lukashenko is nervous, so it cleans the space from competitors.

this all is Justified by the fact that only Lukashenko can cope with the country in a dire economic situation, and the rest just deployed state to the West and untie the military conflict on the Ukrainian example.

the Motives of Lukashenko “MK” said the analyst Alexander Klaskouski:

– of Course, Lukashenka hurt much personal attacks in the form of satire, and so on. He always responds with arrests. For example, Tikhanovski running joke about the cockroach �� sneakers, accused in two criminal cases, one of which he faces 3 years of imprisonment and another 5 years. Obviously, the blogger became a personal enemy of the current President.

the current presidential campaign did not any exception. In 2006 and 2010, over Lukashenko also laughed at the opposition, Andrei Sannikov, Mikola Statkevich, Alyaksandr Kazulin… All of them for a long time was in prison. However, then people imprisoned after the elections and tikhanovski got Lukashenka before the election.

But it is connected not so much with its slogans about “the mustachioed cockroach”, but with the fact that tikhanovski really warmed up the street. His stream gathered a lot of people gave signatures for his wife, Svetlana, who moved into the presidency. The Belarusian authorities are very afraid of the street, they work through the electoral Commission, where sit people.

– it Is believed that Lukashenko is very sensitive in nature, some even say that before becoming President, he could cry because of the criticism of the authorities. Is it so?

I know Lukashenko since the days when he was a Deputy. He’s always been emotional and very touchy person. In those days I worked in the parliamentary newspaper. Sometimes he would come to our office to complain about an article criticizing him. It was felt that this greatly hurts it.

Now he was so sensitive due to the fact that I’m used to the image of the popular President. Still, even if the elections are rigged, he still scored more than 50% of the vote. The same was shown by independent surveys. Of course, it’s not 70-80% support, but enough to continue to rule the Republic.

Now trust rating, of course, not 3%, as they say in opposition, but still far from desirable. Parting with the image of popular idol is hard-going. Before people called him old Man, and now waving his sneakers and compares with the insect.

Lukashenko can not cope with psychological pressure and lay down the powers of the presidency?

– to Leave it will not be exact. He’s not one of those people who are tormented by remorse and sprinkle ashes on his head. On the contrary, he wants to nail their opponents, including brute force, if other methods prove ineffective. Plain text Lukashenko said that the country will not give up.

That is, instead of “I’m tired” is “I’m tired, and you’ll pay for this”?

– Yes. He is alert and healthy, and probably he has a dream to live up to the time when the youngest son Nicholas are strong enough to take power from the hands of the father. But how is actually not known. Such a degree of discontent and political upheaval in Belarus not long ago.

the Opportunity to raise the rating of Lukashenko is not. Was BPof Yemen, when his popularity drops below 30%, but then had the opportunity to pump money into the economy. Now the administrative-command model finally exhausted, and on top of another and coronavirus superimposed.

we Need reforms, but Lukashenko is afraid of them, because she thinks they will shake his power. Therefore, the Belarusians and rebelled. They see that Lukashenko has brought them to a standstill. Accordingly, the people continue to rebel, and the government will be forced more and more to tighten the screws.