Lukashenko instructed to resume their studies in schools

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed “slow and steady” to start the learning process in schools from next week, reports BelTA.

“we Have to be careful to watch for people and about education, schools and others must begin to learn. (…) In the village there is no problem (well, it is necessary to understand that we feed kids, and all the sowing, what to do with children). And problems there. SARS has ended,” said the head of state.

Lukashenka believes that if children have the opportunity to engage in schools, and the epidemiological situation is favourable, then “let go”.

“If the city somewhere, that week should go on a slow retraction of the children to the end of the week after Easter in the educational process. It is necessary gradually to start to learn,” — said the President, noting the need to “roll out” learning process.

Earlier it became known that, contrary to the recommendations of the world health organization (who) to ban mass events in Belarus on April 25 will host a national clean-up.

In late March, Lukashenko has acknowledged the existence of outbreaks of infectious diseases, but refused to impose quarantine measures.

According to the latest data, in Belarus, the coronavirus has infected 4204 man, 40 died. Total number infected with virus SARS-CoV-2 worldwide has exceeded 2.1 million, 147 thousand died, 553 thousands cured.