President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he had received from Russian leader Vladimir Putin a letter with five pages. It outlined all the facts relating to the situation of the detained in Minsk Russians 33, reports TASS.

In Belarus today choose the President. Lukashenko spoke with reporters at the polling station. He said that he had received a letter from Putin “five pages” on the situation with the detention of Russians.

“right Now our Investigation Committee considers these facts. As for the prospects, if someone expects that we are absolutely spoiled the relations with Russia – are mistaken!” Lukashenka said.

He recalled that earlier in a telephone conversation with Putin rebuked Russia that “they have moved on with the brotherly partnership.” But the Russian President assured that the relationship will remain friendly.

Lukashenka also noted that prosecutors from Russia and Ukraine has not yet arrived in Belarus in the case of the detained Russians.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that Lukashenka spoke about the civil war.