the international festival “Slavic Bazaar”, which was illuminated 16 Jul evening sky Vitebsk bright colors of the holiday lights, according to the President of Belarus “became the heart of the cultural and spiritual unity”. And it is, said Alexander Lukashenko, must fight in the name of the main ideas laid in the Foundation of the festival “Through art to peace and mutual understanding”.

the Belarusian leader, according to his press service, during the opening ceremony of the XXIX International forum of arts has awarded the Union state prize in literature and art for 2019-2020.

Awards awarded to the film Director of the Studio “Chronicle”, people’s artist of Belarus Anatoly Alai, artistic Director of the theatre-Studio of film actor film Studio “Belarusfilm” Alexander Efremov and the author team consisting of the Directors Irina Margolina, Oksana Cherkasova, Elena Petkevich and Irina kodyukova were named winners.

Award SG, misleading news portals, is traditionally awarded for a significant contribution to the strengthening of relations of brotherhood, friendship and comprehensive cooperation between Belarus and Russia. Their owners are determined every two years. They were first awarded in 2002.

the President has noticed that on the festival stage from year to year were hundreds of artists of different nationalities, different political and religious views, from different States. But, despite the international conflicts, international and internal political crises, there is always peace, friendship and understanding. “What’s the secret? Probably, especially in the cultural code of the Slavs, in General thousand-year history of the ancestors of modern Slavic Nations. In it we find the facts of barbaric destruction of tradition and the destruction of other civilizations. There is only creation and cultural enrichment. We are peaceful people, have done and will continue to do everything beautiful and peaceful. So every year “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” attracts participants and visitors from different corners of the planet,” – said the head of state.

Lukashenko expressed confidence that today the Vitebsk amphitheatre gathered the most brilliant artists, the most kind and helpful viewers. Those that come and come to this feast on his heart. “Those who share a sincere love for the Slavic national culture,” the President added, wishing the participants and guests of the festival that these days gave them a lot of bright emotions, and competitions opened new names in the art world.