President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is not sure of winning the presidential election, but hopes for it. The leader of the country, told reporters at the polling station where they cast their votes.

“as for confidence in his victory, I would not be so straightforward. I hope so!” — TASS quoted Lukashenko. He stated this after he voted in the election.

Also acting head of the Republic said that he does not know which country will make the first visit in case of victory in the elections. “We’re not going to visit for the sake of something to demonstrate,” — said Lukashenko.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that Minsk and Moscow will always cooperate. According to him, the Republic will cooperate with everyone. Presidential elections in Belarus held on August 9, writes “Ridus”. On a voter turnout of more than 50% of voters, so elections were held. On the day of elections in the country held numerous protests in which the police detain the opposition.