“of Course, I am surprised by the recent work of the presidential administration, press Secretary of the”, – Lukashenko admitted recommending and speaker of the upper chamber of Parliament Natalia Kochanova also “a closer look” at the situation in the media space.

With a traditional sort of way the President offered the opposition the authors of “change the disc” and go to the field, where today there is a struggle for the harvest. “Remove, tell, take a picture of the combiner tournament. Tell me about these ordinary people – hard workers who feed the nation. All tomorrow well run to the shops to buy bread yourself, family, friends, children.”

to Perform their duties, and not wait for those or other special instructions Lukashenka demanded from his subordinates. “Listen, we are the masters in this country. Do your duties. Can’t tell me you can’t. Will others be doing this,” he warned.

criticism has written to the President and to the government, Ministry of foreign Affairs, indignant, in particular, the fact that, in his opinion, all the “sit and wait for the command of the President.” In the meantime, “foreign voices” calling for mass riots. “Why you say this? You are accredited here,” – asked the Belarusian leader.

He drew attention to the necessity to take in such cases appropriate measures, despite a pre-election period: “it is Not necessary to wait for the end of the electoral campaign. To be expelled if they do not abide by our laws and called people to the Maidan”, – the President recommended, with a warning that to repeat its attitude to this situation will be no more.