President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko with the big share of probability will be denied entry to a number of European countries. MEPs called the President “persona non grata” in Evrosouze and said they would not recognize the results of the presidential elections, reports TASS.

Earlier, as reported by “the Rambler,” Lukashenko at the meeting with the striking workers of the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT) has said it will not permit the holding of another presidential election the country. According to him, the results of the vote, according to which it was supported by more than 80% of Belarusians reflect the real situation in the Republic. The head of state stressed that one of the presidential elections in the country, it will have to “kill”.


Last week Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have demanded from the Belarusian authorities to stop the violence and resume peaceful dialogue with the citizens. The European Parliament also discussed the possibility of introduction of sanctions against Minsk. Amid news on possible constraints not only from the EU but from the United States occurred the “historical” collapse of Belarusian bonds.