only a year younger than the anniversary of the great Victory the Minsk tractor plant, which was visited on the day of his 74-th anniversary of the President of Belarus, reported on may 29, his press service. “I just want to congratulate you all on your birthday. It’s a beautiful plant, the face of our country, it is a brand,” – said Alexander Lukashenko, addressing the management and employees of the company.

the Head of state reported on the work of both the parent company and other holding, plans to develop the production, ongoing development, including in the field of precision agriculture.

the President stressed that it is important not only to produce but to do so efficiently, then you will not have problems with sales. They talked about the development of the plants abroad. In this regard, MTZ Director General Vitaly Vovk said that the team is being developed that will enable the development of unmanned tractors by 2030.

is Performed at the factory and systematic work on modernization of the model range of tractors, aimed at improving operator comfort, the production of tractors environmental standard Stage 5 for EU countries.

Lukashenka has demonstrated a new engine emission control, power and heavy duty tractors. Drew the Belarusian leader attention to snow-compacting roller and lidosilvana machine. “Winter comes, show view” – encouraged it professionals reminding about familiar to everyone saying that the chickens before they are hatched.

called for the head of the Republic and the body of the tractor Assembly, where he reported on the production of components, manufactured at the enterprise the program of import substitution.

According to expert estimates, the MTZ have long been among the top ten world producers of specialized equipment. About 90% of the tractors sold for export. More than 15 thousand people work at the plant, and another 7.5 million at the enterprises of the holding conveyor which is only the beginning of this year issued more than 10 thousand agricultural machinery.

by the Way, while chatting with the factory workers Lukashenko once again confirmed his intention before the election to form a new government. “I talked about it and will do it”, – assured the President, explaining that it was his usual practice, so that people can see and understand who are the people that work in key positions.