Thanks to the heroic defenders of the Brest fortress on 22 June was the beginning of the collapse of Nazi Germany, said Alexander Lukashenko, speaking in the immortal citadel at the event dedicated to the Day of national memory of victims of the great Patriotic war.

Referring to the current defenders of the country, the Belarusian President, whose words are quoted by his press office, said: “It is a privilege to continue the tradition of heroes, and a huge responsibility to protect the world, which they defended with their lives”.

Special gratitude to the head of state addressed the veterans who withstood the hardships of the war and postwar period. Their heroic past became the symbol of Belarusian independence and a way of life – “example, in which we find the strength to overcome challenges not only of our time but also the future,” said the head of state.

And that heredity, which, he said, makes the sovereignty of the state is undeniable factor. “Today we, the descendants of the glorious warriors, and implement all that fought the defenders of the Fatherland during the great Patriotic war. We raise children, build their independent state, and most importantly – we are free people. We were not those who expected the Nazis to come here on June 22,” – said Lukashenko.

the President reminded that his life is linked with the heroic Brest land on which he served, and is well aware of this invincible city. And although many wars, according to him, left the deepest trace in the memory of generations, but they taught the people of Belarus chief – “to appreciate and cherish the peace and independence without which no future.”

Let each of our day and wished the Belarusian leader, “will be lived in memory of those who fought and died for our life, for our future, today – in a clean, cozy, green, beautiful, Belarus, hard-working, clever and wise people.”