Belarus has managed to contain the increase in the incidence in the General population. Moreover, the overall mortality rate, according to Alexander Lukashenko, is reduced. Relevant data he cited a may 3 meeting on the epidemiological situation in the country, reports his press-service.

Giving an overall assessment of the status of the coronavirus pandemic, the President said that Belarus is busy only ten percent of the ventilator from the available. And of the total number of pneumonia only a third of patients diagnosed COVID-19. Therefore, said the head of state, no claims to the Ministry of health nor the chief doctors of the hospitals he does not show. “We have clearly developed a system for the treatment of infected people,” – he explained the situation in the country.

According to him, solved all questions connected not only with the security of doctors in hospitals, but also at other levels, including humanitarian assistance. “Drugs, according to the report of the Minister, and not just in the country enough. Moreover, for the treatment of the most modern ways,” – said Lukashenko.

by the Way, he is still inclined to believe that doctors “have managed to keep the incidence as a whole” due to the fact that they have already gained the necessary experience in the treatment of infected people and learned how to act in extraordinary circumstances.

the President called for in this situation to support the society’s medical staff. “Especially doctors specialized hospitals. They were very tired. It’s not easy. If you’re already dressed, went to the hearth, protected to such an extent that you can’t leave.”

as a positive point, the President referred to the fact that doctors have learned to treat people as outpatients – at home and in sanatoria. “That is not just hospitals, but clinics operate fully. Together with the interior Ministry all who were sent to outpatient treatment, and control”, – assured Lukashenko. He made it clear that after the pandemic, taking into account the acquired experience, have a conversation with people about how to live, what lessons and conclusions should be done.

with regard to statistical data, on may 3 at RB was 16705 people who test positive for coronavirus infection. It is just above eight percent of the total number of tests. 99 patients died with confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection. Recovered and was discharged from the state hospitals 3196 patient.