Lukashenko appealed to Putin

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has addressed to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin with a request to consider the issue of gas prices. This writes the “BelTA”.

"Why are you in Russia doing fools?"

According to the publication, today during a working meeting of the members of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council, Lukashenko said that the country entered the crisis, “unresolved the basic question.”

“It’s energy prices for resources and payments for them. (…) This inflexibility negatively affects the entire chain of added value formation. So, undermines the sustainability of the Union,” he said.

The Belarusian leader explained that first of all it concerns gas prices.

“it is Obvious that with such a sharp change in the economic environment, the price needs to be more adaptive and settlement mechanism – a lifting for consumers,” – said Lukashenko, calling on Putin to promptly address this issue.

Rambler wrote that earlier Lukashenko demanded to protect Belarus from the “oil games”. He noted that it is necessary to create more pillars for the economy of Belarus to ensure a sustainable society and independent policy of the country.