Lukashenko and Pompeo talked about

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, who visited on a visit in Minsk, said that during negotiations with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko discussed the issue of the possible role of Washington in the settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine. The discussion was attended by Minister of foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei. After the meeting, while chatting with reporters Pompeo recalled that on the eve of his meeting with the Ukrainian President, Vladimir Zelensky, and noted that the Belarusian leadership hopes that the U.S. will continue to carry out “constructive role in preventing challenges” in the East of Ukraine.

Pompeo expressed its willingness to grant Belarus a site for any meetings and negotiations to de-escalate the conflict and stated that conflict resolution required the commitment expressed by all involved in the process of the parties.

Vladimir Makei added that the conversation took place in an atmosphere of absolute trust and understanding. Among other issues discussed prospects of cooperation of Belarus with NATO. The further development of relations will contribute to the return of the ambassadors in the capitals of the two countries after a twelve years break.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a tour of the former republics of the Soviet Union. It will last until February 4, in the list of visits Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. After the Belarusian capital Pompeo arrives at the Nur-Sultan and Tashkent, where he will meet with the leaders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.