It was the problems arising in the real sector of the Belarusian economy, say local analysts, has demanded from the authorities to hold a meeting on measures to support the banking system, the press service of the President of the country.

First of all, Lukashenko drew attention of the participants on the need to concentrate resources in the economy to help people and enterprises that were in difficult situation and need support. Although the head of state is not inclined to exaggerate, assessing the current situation as “a catastrophe in the economy”, but it recognises the existence of certain problems, which he connects with the world’s reaction to COVID-19.

the Belarusian leader harshly warned the financial regulator of the Republic and the leadership of the Executive, what if, “and individual members of the government do not understand, so get ready to exit”. The President urged to be in the current environment are extremely focused, to combine all the resources to, first of all, “to help people”.

He in this regard referred to the payment of wages, particularly in private enterprises. “Fortunately, my pressure though the salary paid, have units there. But they should probably take other measures, because it is a private enterprise. On resorts of the Canary Islands, Goa, Thailand – found money to travel and entertain, and their workers to pay the salary can not” – said the President. However, there are companies, he said that really got in a difficult position, “and these enterprises need help.”