Lukashenka said he was trying to bite him

The leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko responded to criticism of approaches to the pandemic coronavirus, stating that the country was more or less ready “for this infection not only to her.”

The Belarusian President reiterated that the coronavirus was the policy, BelTA reports.

are All looking for something to bite Lukashenko, Belarus — they could not go down. So do not be surprised. All this is because we have kept the system and brought it in order, — said the politician.

Lukashenko also drew attention to the fact that “everything in the world pochuchut, especially in Russia” because of the relationship to COVID-19, and phrases that from the coronavirus in Belarus no one died.

All die from chronic diseases, and any virus beats the weak who have no immunity. That’s what I meant, — said the President.

Doctors in Belarus have identified more than six thousand patients infected with coronavirus, 51 people with confirmed diagnoses died, wrote